by Midwest Hype

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DAYGLOW is Midwest Hype's second studio release. They Recorded it at Transient Studios in Chicago with producer Steve Gillis.


released January 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Midwest Hype Chicago, Illinois

Midwest Hype defines urban garage jazz. Hip-hop flow, unforgettable vocal melodies, punching horn lines, immaculate jazz improv, dance floor mayhem, and clean compositions. MWH makes the day glow.

A 7-piece from the Chicago area. They have performed with some of the industries biggest including Girl Talk and the Wailers; as well as slots at Chicago's North Coast Music Festival and Summer Camp.
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Track Name: Behind Our Eyes
I'm opening up to the world that surrounds me, all around me
I hid and I sought but they found me
With me eyes closed and a bloody nose
And a backpack full of hydro
So we split it up, we hit it up
Talked 'bout how shit got fucked up
Feeling the pain, going insane
Talk how the rain hasn't stopped for ten days
So here we go again let's start a new beginning
I feel the sun begin to break the clouds
My head is spinning
All around, now I've found
You have every reason just to be

Here with me
Inside your eyes now I can see
A part of me, so believe
I and I reside behind our eyes

Is there ever just once in a lifetime
Or could we find another way
To divide the lines in time

I feel I should come back in with the quickness, of a sickness
That be traveling 'round like the french kiss
Talking U-N to the I-T
Why Generation gonna find me
So bring them up or put them down
Why do we look to the sky, wondering why
It's all about U-N-I-T-Y

Be with me
Inside your eyes now I can see
A part of me, so believe
I and I reside behind our eyes

Is there ever just once in a lifetime
Or could we find another way
To divide the lines in time
And if the day glows into the night sky
Then we'll start a better day
And re-write the words in rhyme
I'm feeling that I might find a better way


Here with me
I can see
So believe
I and I reside behind our eyes

(Chorus) (x2)
Track Name: Elastic Booty Shorts
So I stepped into the party right, looking for a booty tight
Grinding on the dance floor, looking like she want more
I asked her what her name was, she kind of turned her face up
Like "Why this white boy trying to dance up on me?"
"I know you got your dreads done at the salon hun"
I laughed took a sip, now I'm slowly responding
"Well actually my dreadlocks happened naturally
In fact you see, according to my memory they happened in December
Please let me just remember, oh wait, it was the summer
Jeez, it's all coming back to me, clockwork factory"
Mind like a steel trap, getting rich off of rap
Nah, I'm just playing but I hope that you believe that
Cuz I ain't spit nothing but the truth girl
Secret squirrel ain't my type of character
I'm more like America's most blunted, most wanted
But not for robbery, I'm guilty see, so hear my plea, of the crime of trying to be
The illest emcee with the style and capabilities
To grab the mic, grab the ax, and pop that shit like crackerjacks
I'm on attack, so step it back, and just breathe

Breathe it in and breathe it out
Girl you know you what I'm about
It really ain't no mystery
You know I'm a little high
But I be looking right back into your eyes
And I know just how your body will reply
So baby let's just breathe

Breathe it in and breathe it out (x3)

It goes, one for the money yo, two for the dro
We blaze before and after each and every show
So baby girl if you want it just say so
I got some funk up in the trunk and it's ready to blow
So roll it up, light it up, take a hit and pass
Cuz these shorty-wops be cuter than some kittens in a basket
The passion, cash, and the cameras that be flashing
I run my fingers down around the band of your elastic booty shorts
Now let me light up your smoke
Who doesn't need a little nicotine right after you toke
So off into the sunset with my tenderoni
It feels so good just ask Chuck Mangione

(Chorus) (x2)
Track Name: All Is Water
Wake up, cigarette
Shake up, discontent
Make up, your pretty face
And send them all on an endless chase
Now I'm flying high
As I look into the sky and close my eyes

Lazy, color blind, hazy, getting left behind
But that don't phase me, champion
So place me where the light is on
And shine it in my eyes, you know that its no big surprise

Keep that lovin' strong (x3)
And we can carry on and start a new day

Baby, been doing fine
Just lately, you've been on my mind
They all say, we need a change
Only love can start to rearrange
And bring us into the new
If there's only one thing that we all can do


Do you remember baby when they used to say,
Only love was going to keep us together?
Do you remember how that used to feel?
Now you've gone along your way now,
So am I wrong to say?

Come one, come many, come no one, come all
Come bring it to the world watch the empire fall
Come science, come religion, come political misfits
Come twist this message re-pack it and gift it
When draining water leaves you swirling thru the emptiness
The message is remember where you started the flow
All is water don't get caught up in the waves that crash upon us
Or the power of the undertow
So who rocks the midwest best? Yea you guessed it
MWH in the house check the guestlist
Plus these ladies that I got to the left, kid
Booty tight, pretty face, and big breasted
I think that she feelin' me more, really think that she feelin' me more now I said
I feel the love in the air tonight
And Im'a give it to the world and expand the light
Come fire, come water, come winter, come rain
And listen to these songs I sing

Track Name: Runaway
I wake up early in the morning
Just to watch the waves roll in
On the beach I walk and wonder
If I am falling under
And if the night will bring thunder

If you runaway tonight (x2)
If you runaway (x3) w/ me
Tonight (x3)

I woke up late one evening
To the sound of a telephone ringing
On the other line I find
A voice I ain't heard for some time
And this just helps to ease my mind

If you runaway tonight
We won't worry 'bout tomorrow
If you runaway tonight
We can search for the morning light
If you runaway (x3) w/ me
Tonight (x3)

Even if we stay here just for one more day
We may lose our only chance to leave this place and runaway
Let's runaway (x5)


Track Name: Do Or Die
I ain't try to be nobody I ain't, faking it
Take another picture if you think you're mistaken
You're fakin' the funk and lettin' that bump keep on taking you out
Am I making myself clear?
I'm feeling locked up get me out of here
Better wait 'til you make that abrasiveness drop to tear

California falls into the oceanside and I reply
I always knew this would come down to do or die
So hold your breath
'Cause underwater you can hardly see that sky
I always knew this would come down to do or die

You just tryin' to be somebody you ain't, fakin' it
Took another picture now you know you're mistaken
You're takin' that bump now you flunked
And were taking you out
Now we know it oh so clear
You're gettin' fucked up now you're out of here
Better wait 'til you make that abrasiveness drop to a tear



Do or die (x4)
Track Name: People of America
Can we overcome?
Can we understand?
I'd take my generation by the hand
No heart in music
Where is the soul?
Its time to fight
Fight for control

People of America
Fall before you fight
What defines our character?
What gives us the right?



I used to feel like the youngest one
Now I feel like the only son
I close my eyes
And look to the sky
People want to come, people want to go
People want to tell you that they want to know
But they don't really want to know
The truth is too painful

People of America
We cry into the night
What defines our character
What gives us the right? (X3)