Elastic Booty Shorts

from by Midwest Hype

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So I stepped into the party right, looking for a booty tight
Grinding on the dance floor, looking like she want more
I asked her what her name was, she kind of turned her face up
Like "Why this white boy trying to dance up on me?"
"I know you got your dreads done at the salon hun"
I laughed took a sip, now I'm slowly responding
"Well actually my dreadlocks happened naturally
In fact you see, according to my memory they happened in December
Please let me just remember, oh wait, it was the summer
Jeez, it's all coming back to me, clockwork factory"
Mind like a steel trap, getting rich off of rap
Nah, I'm just playing but I hope that you believe that
Cuz I ain't spit nothing but the truth girl
Secret squirrel ain't my type of character
I'm more like America's most blunted, most wanted
But not for robbery, I'm guilty see, so hear my plea, of the crime of trying to be
The illest emcee with the style and capabilities
To grab the mic, grab the ax, and pop that shit like crackerjacks
I'm on attack, so step it back, and just breathe

Breathe it in and breathe it out
Girl you know you what I'm about
It really ain't no mystery
You know I'm a little high
But I be looking right back into your eyes
And I know just how your body will reply
So baby let's just breathe

Breathe it in and breathe it out (x3)

It goes, one for the money yo, two for the dro
We blaze before and after each and every show
So baby girl if you want it just say so
I got some funk up in the trunk and it's ready to blow
So roll it up, light it up, take a hit and pass
Cuz these shorty-wops be cuter than some kittens in a basket
The passion, cash, and the cameras that be flashing
I run my fingers down around the band of your elastic booty shorts
Now let me light up your smoke
Who doesn't need a little nicotine right after you toke
So off into the sunset with my tenderoni
It feels so good just ask Chuck Mangione

(Chorus) (x2)


from DAYGLOW, released January 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Midwest Hype Chicago, Illinois

Midwest Hype defines urban garage jazz. Hip-hop flow, unforgettable vocal melodies, punching horn lines, immaculate jazz improv, dance floor mayhem, and clean compositions. MWH makes the day glow.

A 7-piece from the Chicago area. They have performed with some of the industries biggest including Girl Talk and the Wailers; as well as slots at Chicago's North Coast Music Festival and Summer Camp.
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